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*Part 2 of the concert photos*

(Source: hot.detik.com)

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HBD CherryBelle !!!! 

ChiBi celebrated their birthday last Monday (27 February) :D the concert was held at LaPiazza , Kelapa Gading with amazing performances from each member . Gigi and Angel both danced with their teams and Christy & Felly (with Gigi) , Devi , Cherly , wows everyone with their beautiful voices :) these are part 1 of the pictures of the event „ enjoy twibiess

(Source: hot.detik.com)

Rynism Official: Schedule 


31 Mar 2012

Carnaval SCTV Semarang

30 Mar 2012


29 Mar 2012

Rilis Film Love Is U

25 Mar 2012


24 Mar 2012

Panggung HONDATangerang

23 Mar 2012

HUT Unyil, TRANS 7

21 Mar 2012

Panggung Garuda Food lokasi menyusul

20 Mar 2012


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HBD CherryBelle concert (part 7)

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HBD CherryBelle concert (part 6)

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HBD CherryBelle concert (part 5)

HBD CherryBelle concert (part 4)

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HBD CherryBelle concert (part 3)

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HBD CherryBelle concert (part 2)

HBD CherryBelle concert (part 1)

Emeron Lovely 7 city RoadShow „ The preparation of it .. :)


From Rynism to @RynChiBi .. With special thanks to @adelia_ginanjar @adstyswd @AlifaHanumG @alifia21 @anastasia_cha @angeelics @anisacb_fans @AnisaRyn_FC  and @aurelliiaaa

Rynism Official: Happy Birthday Cherrybelle 


Semuanya, Tanggal 27 Febuari 2012, Cherrybelle mau merayakan ulang tahun mereka yang pertama dengan mengadakan konser !

Tempat : La Piazza

Waktu : 17.30 - 19.30 WIB

Harga tiket untuk konser yaitu Rp. 30.000 untuk 2 orang. 1 Tiket berlaku bagi 2 orang.

Untuk membeli tiketnya, kita bisa…

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ChiBi - ChiBi BurGer Episode 8 (DuFan)

21st February .. what i thought this morning when i heard that date „another ordinary school day but i know that there’s something more that that , it’s Felly ChiBi’s Birthday . How she get through life until now , it’s amazing , i’m not sure how she felt about life because it’s her life not mine , but i think she can get the most out of life by doing what she loved the most and reached her dreams <3


I Just wanna say : 

But It’s all about the chance to begin a new chapter in your life ,simply by a birthday wish, to be a better person in your birthday 

Happy Birthday Felly ChiBi .. TwiBi Loves You .. WUATB and God Bless You Always *hugs and kisses* #LoveIsYou